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After Sandy Hook: Seeking the Definitive Cause and Solution for Rage Massacres

After Sandy Hook: Seeking the Definitive Cause and Solution for Rage Massacres by Michael Rectenwald 18 Dec 2012 Our political leaders regularly tell us that violence never solves anything. Yet, we live under a government that, in service to the ruling elite, resorts to violence to pursue its imperialist agenda, on a daily basis.


Are we not overlooking the usefulness of a "rage" temperament to a globalist empire? Is it not the globalists who decide that testosterone-fueled violence and carnage are more acceptable media fare than a female nipple? Is not such a temperament bred, nurtured, categorized, employed, trained and exploited by them? If rage were not such a useful form of energy to harness, we would hear much more about available clinical tools to control the testosterone levels of those with this temperament (not necessarily psychotropics). But first we need to find a way to make everyone aware of the manufactured "rage" incidents that are the result of careful planning, execution, and mass media control by the globalists themselves - once these are eliminated, we may find there is not enough of a problem left to warrant further curtailment of our civil liberties. Ladies and Gentlemen, you decide - would you rather see the U.S. of tomorrow more resemble Afghanistan... or North Korea?