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Al Gore: Voter suppression like 'racist Jim Crow tactics'

Al Gore: Voter suppression like 'racist Jim Crow tactics' 06 Nov 2012 Al Gore said Tuesday on Current TV that the attempt this cycle to stop people from voting has been "un-American" and a "disgrace," adding that it is a "strategy that is a direct descendent" of "racist Jim Crow tactics." Gore, who co-founded the left-leaning cable channel, said he hopes there will be a "reckoning for these governors and state legistures that have intentionally tried to prevent people from voting. It is un-American." The problem -- which he said included the long lines facing many voters, particularly in Florida -- must be addressed in a bipartisan way after the election.



Gore was another big business candidate who had been the vice president of a thoroughly corrupt administration marked by war (Balkans), mysterious deaths, scandals, and false-flag operations. 

Gore supported the death penalty and also supported expansion of the prison-industrial complex. Both supported the continued use of land mines. Both supported rising the military budget. Both supported sanctions against Iraq and Cuba. 

Al Gore ("Allegory") is a war-mongering, corporate scumbag. I wouldn't say that these elections are 'stolen' as much as they are staged. Remember that Gore's boss was Bill Clinton, who is a close family friend of the Bush crime family. 

In the world of deep politics, Clinton played an important role in 9/11:

-In the eight years between 1993 and 2001, Clinton kept Iraq on ice with sanctions. This can, in hindsight, be viewed as a 'cold' continuation of the war on Iraq that had been begun by George H.W Bush as a 'hot' war, and would continue that way after Bush's son launched a second invasion in March 2003. 

-Clinton greatly reduced the number of fighter jets on alert, facilitating the U.S. Military in their claims they could not intercept the planes. 

-Clinton oversaw (as president) the bombing at the World Trade Center in 1993, the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, and the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. All of these were precursors to the 9/11 operation. 

Remember, also, that Clinton protected the international Islamic terrorist network that was financed, armed, trained, and indoctrinated by the U.S. under the policies of Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser under President Jimmy Carter. He provided it secret support in the Balkans, and yet, we are told, he really wanted to 'get' that Bin Laden!

So, I would view everything Gore says with careful analysis. My guess is that, here, he is trying to legitimize elections while still playing the provocative racism angle and appearing 'on the outside' as a result. 

Democrats see that and say: "Oh my God! Al Gore says they're trying to stop people from voting!"

This implies that 'voting' wields any power at all, and needs to be prevented by an establishment that fears change. This isn't true - these elections are part of the matrix.