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Barack Obama backflip looms on Guantanamo Bay closure

Barack Obama backflip looms on Guantanamo Bay closure 19 Feb 2011 Barack Obama looks set for a policy U-turn on his decision to close the Guantanamo Bay prison after US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the prospects for closing the jail for terrorist suspects were "very, very low" because of opposition from the US congress. The Defence Secretary's comments at a Senate armed services committee hearing are the clearest sign that an executive order issued by the US President to close the Guantanamo Bay jail at the US navy base in Cuba has been effectively rescinded.


Guantanamo Bay is Cuban Territory occupied by the US. This would be seen by the UN as an invasion of an independent country. That the US are using the Base as a Non Country gives opportunity for Human Rights abuses without any redress to Legal Counsel. It is time that the US put the CIA failure at the Bay of Pigs behind them, and moved on. The nefarious activities of the CIA stretches far back to the 1953 interference with the democratically elected government of Iran, in the cause of accessing Iranian oil. The threads of the clandestine activities have been replicated in Libya and Egypt during the past few weeks.