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CIA may shut up 'Davis' by killing him: Lahore jailers

CIA may shut up 'Davis' by killing him: Lahore jailers --Officials: Directive issued to strictly check food provided to alleged US killer 20 Feb 2011 Islamabad has increased the security around the US national "Raymond Davis". Fearing that the high-profile prisoner may be killed, the Pakistani police, intelligence, civilian and military authorities have taken a few extraordinary security measures to protect Davis. There is apprehension about a possible attempt on "Davis's" life. Some suspect that the Americans could take "Davis" out because he knows too much. Russian agencies have him identified as part of the CIA Task Force with deep links to the terrorists.


Americans are living in a Dictatorship.


These nuts in office make Chavez look like shit.

And everyone that has voted for War in the U.S. should be tried and sentenced according International Law.