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Dane County sues state to block Wisconsin budget bill

Dane County sues state to block Wisconsin budget bill 11 Mar 2011 Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk is suing legislative leaders and the state in an attempt to block the enactment of the budget repair bill passed Thursday night and signed by Gov. Scott Walker Friday morning. The lawsuit was filed by Corporation Counsel Marcia MacKenzie in Dane County Circuit Court... The county also wants the bill to be declared unconstitutional. The suit asks for a temporary restraining order to prevent the state from publishing the budget 'repair' bill, which is when the bill would actually take effect.


I believe Judge Sumi either flunked out of law school or never attended as she surely cannot reaD.  Wisconsin Senate article of rule #93 clearly states rules on special session that no notice or posting must be given, and since the Wisconsin senate was in a special session they were not obligasted to send nor post notice, however the senate did sent an e-mail to all of their members and did post the vote on the Senate board.  It is not the fault of those thqat chose to stay in the Capital and vote while the cowardly senators ran, LA LA LA style, to neighboring Illinois.  IMPEACH the JUDGE.