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Dartmouth student accused of 'violence' for op-ed on diversity

Dartmouth student accused of 'violence' for op-ed on diversity --Ryan Spector alleged that the Trips Directorate selected 15 women and 4 men because of its "extreme application of a diversity policy," earning him condemnations from more than 30 campus organizations. --The statements mocked Spector for his "white male tears," calling his op-ed an "attack" that "invisibilizes" those with "marginalized identities" and "perpetuates the culture of toxic, male, white supremacy." | 08 Feb 2018 | A Dartmouth College student's op-ed alleging gender bias on a trip-planning committee has resulted in an outpouring of criticism from liberal classmates. Within a day of its posting, the opinion piece titled "You're Not Tripping" in The Dartmouth had ignited a campus-wide uproar. In this op-ed, Ryan Spector '19 detailed his disappointment with 2018 First-Year Trips directorate selection process...After being rejected from the directorate himself, Spector accused the directors in charge of the selection process of having an "obsession with diversity" that "verges on the inane," in light of its extremely female-heavy composition.