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Democrats Open Talks by Offering $6.5 Billion More in Cuts

Another day, another surrender: Democrats Open Talks by Offering $6.5 Billion More in Cuts 04 Mar 2011 As they opened negotiations with Republicans over budget cuts, the White House and Congressional Democrats on Thursday offered to trim an additional $6.5 billion from current spending, a figure far short of the Republican goal of cutting agency budgets by $61 billion. The plan to push the spending dispute onto the Senate floor emerged after a high-level meeting presided over by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Before the session, White House officials disclosed that they were willing to accept an additional $6.5 billion in cuts, on top of $4 billion in reductions enacted in a short-term budget bill earlier this week. [WHO on EARTH offers concessions BEFORE a meeting? *Democrats.*]


Obummer from the 2012 Budget!

Americans need to wipe these people out of office.


Good Luck.

Matt: 10:14