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Ex-CIA Chief Petraeus Grilled Over Ambassador Rice

Ex-CIA Chief Petraeus Grilled Over Ambassador Rice 16 Nov 2012 Disgraced former CIA director Petraeus spent almost four hours in closed door hearings before the House and Senate intelligence committees this morning to testify about what he learned first-hand about the Sept. 11 attack in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Democratic senators who emerged from the hearing said Petraeus's testimony supported U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. Rice, who could be nominated for Secretary of State by President Obama, has been accused by Republicans of trying to mislead the country by saying the attack was a spontaneous eruption rather than a failure to defend against a terrorist attack. [And, the same hypocritical sacks of sh*t were fine and dandy with Bush bimbo Condoleezza Rice, who lied about the 9/11 inside job and lied about the non-existent weapons of mass distraction in Iraq.]