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FBI: We're not demanding encryption back doors

FBI: We're not demanding encryption back doors 17 Feb 2011 The FBI said today that it's not calling for restrictions on encryption without back doors for law enforcement. FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni told a congressional committee that the bureau's push for expanded Internet wiretapping authority doesn't mean giving law enforcement a master key to encrypted communications, an apparent retreat from her position last fall. Instead, she said, discussions should focus on requiring that communication providers and Web sites have legally mandated procedures to divulge unencrypted data in their possession.


Everytime they're "Not Calling for Something" they lie and have their own agenda and more crap lies - Luciferians. 

WMD's, et al.


We need to put a stop to their crap.  Again.



Encrypt EVERYTHING! The FBI doesn't need to be sticking their fucking nose into my privacy.