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IMF Chief Resigns After Sex Attack Charges

IMF Chief Resigns After Sex Attack Charges 19 May 2011 The IMF chief charged with a sex attack on a hotel maid has resigned from his post ahead of a new bail hearing in New York. Dominique Strauss-Kahn maintained his innocence in a formal letter to the organisation and said he was quitting with "infinite sadness". Polls released in France on Wednesday showed 57% of respondents thought the Socialist politician was definitely or probably the victim of a plot.


This Breaking story is tearing me apart!  BooHoo!  I hope they nail that bastards eyeballs to the Kremlin Wall!



Everyone is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, but I was shocked at CLG's response to the allegations of sexual assault against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  It seems your organization made an assumption about what had transpired in that hotel room, coming down on the side of a rich and powerful white man, a linchpin of the capitalist system (he may call himself a "socialist" but the IMF works in the interest of international capitalism) and assuming that an immigrant, a woman of color, a worker, must have been lying.  Now news stories are revealing that this is not Strauss-Kahn's first attempted rape, and that at least one woman, a journalist, was pressured into silence about his past behavior.  Is it "legitimate government" for powerful men to be given a pass in allegations of sexual assault?