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Iran Captures US Drone In Its Airspace

Iran Captures US Drone In Its Airspace 04 Dec 2012 Iran has "captured" a US drone gathering intelligence over Gulf waters after it entered its airspace, state media has reported. The report quoted the Revolutionary Guard's navy chief General Ali Fadavi on the "intruding" [aka illegally spying] ScanEagle drone, but offered no precise details on the location or how it had been seized by the Guards' naval unit.


Unfortunately both sides of this problem have proved to be less than truthful in their public comments about such matters. Perhaps the real story falls somewhere in between the prouncements. Regardless it is the US that has positioned itself in an area of the world where it doesn't belong and it is the US that is being militarily provocative there. The American public should demand that the US military vacate the area as soon as possible to prevent a deadly mistake from fomenting yet another war.