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Israel begins new air and ground assaults on Gaza

Israel begins new air and ground assaults on Gaza 29 Mar 2012 Israel has launched an air and ground assault on the southern Gaza Strip, as it continues to step up its attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory, Press TV reports. A Press TV correspondent said on Thursday that Israeli troops entered the eastern part of the town of Rafah with tanks and bulldozers. Israeli helicopters also opened fire on the same area. Over the past few months, Tel Aviv has increased its attacks on the besieged coastal strip, killing tens of Palestinian people and injuring many more.


So when the jews and poles of Warsaw rose up against the Germans in the Warsaw Uprising that was a heroic rising up and resistence against tyrants but when the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza resist their Occupying tyrants they were just all a bunch of  'militants' and bad guys huh?  Or at least that's what we are told to believe. Hmm to me it sounds like it's all up to whomever is creating the spin in the news stories and doing all the labeling to decide who can be good guys or who is a bad guy for fighting for their freedom and rights.


In other words hypocrisy.