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'It's like the United States government is subsidizing the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network' - U.S. Senator

November 13, 2013 by legitgov

'It's like the United States government is subsidizing the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network' - U.S. Senator --Despite repeated warnings, US 'subsidizing' Afghan companies with ties to terrorism - report 12 Nov 2013 American taxpayers have unwittingly paid more than $150 million to companies throughout the Middle East that are known to have helped finance terrorist attacks on US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, according to a new internal US government report. At least 43 companies based in Afghanistan were found to have ties to terrorist networks according to findings by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the leading US oversight authority on reconstruction in Afghanistan. SIGAR's report seems to suggest that the very groups being targeted by the US through counter-insurgency operations sometimes become the beneficiaries of the federal government through contracted work. "It's like the United states government is subsidizing the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network, those groups that are trying to shoot and kill our soldiers," Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), a member of the Senate's Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, told ABC News.


Senator Shaheen HAS IT RIGHT!

November 14, 2013 by 911truthseeker, 22 weeks 5 days ago
Comment: 4096

Thank you Senator Shaheen for saying it in the public realm. The unconstitutional government of the United States of Israel is using taxpayer funds to play their games of Terrorists R US. After perpetrating 9/11, this band of Zionist thugs seized control of our govt and have eroded our freedoms and created war, death, environmental degradation on a scale never before seen. The New World Order Zionists have a strong foothold in controlling humanities destiny. We must seize it back! Bring justice to those who play god. Close the Federal Reserve and convict the Boards and Owners of treason, crimes against humanity, and send them to Guantanamo to live out the rest of their miserable lives.

Then we can get on with rebuilding our nation and leaving the rest of teh worl to rebuild theirs. Creating an economy of need rather than greed is the pathway to bringing back sanity to our way of lie.

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