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Judge Denies Bail to Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond

Judge Denies Bail to Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond 21 Nov 2012 A federal judge refused release to one of the men accused of helping Anonymous and others hack various media, government and private-spy websites last year. Jeremy Hammond was one of five so-called hacktivists arrested in a March sting operation engineered after the FBI made an informant [traitor] of Hector Monsegur, a hacker known online as Sabu, who led a group called LulzSec. At a bail hearing in New York on Tuesday, Hammond's defense attorney, Elizabeth Fink, implied that investigators used entrapment to snare Hammond for the cyberattack on private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor. Monsegur led the Stratfor attack under his Sabu alter ego while he was working for the government, Fink said.