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Judge in hacker case is married to a Stratfor client

November 28, 2012 by legitgov

Holy conflict of interest, Batman! Judge in hacker case is married to a Stratfor client --Civil liberties advocates have rallied behind Jeremy Hammond, who was denied bail and faces life in prison 28 Nov 2012 Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond was told last week by federal judge Loretta Preska that he was being denied bail and could face life in jail for his alleged involvement with the Anonymous/LulzSec hack into the computers of the private intelligence firm [terrorists] Stratfor. Civil liberties advocates have decried the state's harsh treatment of the activist, who was reportedly held in solitary confinement for five days in Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center and has so far been imprisoned for eight months without trial. Now, Hammond's supporters believe they have an extra and important string to their bow: a release from Anonymous reported that the federal judge who denied Hammond bail is married to a client of Stratfor and was personally affected by the infamous hack.

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