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At Miami school, Barack Obama praises Jeb Bush

Mega barf alert! At Miami school, Barack Obama praises Jeb Bush 04 Mar 2011 Seeking support for increasing the country's investment in corporate ownership of education, President Barack Obama appeared at a high school here on Friday with an unlikely ally he described as a "champion of education reform" - Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida. Obama chose Central Miami Senior High School at Bush's suggestion for a rare moment of bipartisan collaboration on an education agenda that, at least in general terms, the two can agree on. [*Primary* Obusha in 2012.]


Both are Poppy's Sons of Bushs; and BS (Bush Shadow) Barry's simply Obamanibly place-holding the presidency for JEB, as the "lesser evil" in 2012!

Our fearless labor defending leader must have gotten on the wrong plane. He was supposed to be putting on his comfortable shoes and marching with labor. That would be in Wisconsin and not sunny Florida. Isn't there a democrat in the entire country willing to take on this clown in the 2012 primary? Anyone at all? Off hand, I can't think of anyone who would do a worse job.