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NC activists angered by killing of 3-legged bear

NC activists angered by killing of 3-legged bear --Construction workers building a house on the development began feeding the bear because he was so skinny. 22 Nov 2012 A skinny, three-legged black bear had become a fixture at an upscale housing community deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, rummaging through trash cans and playfully ambling along the golf course. Wildlife advocates scrambled to find a sanctuary for the animal, but time ran out: in August, the bear was shot and killed by management. That bear's death in Mountain Air, about 35 miles north of Asheville, has become a flashpoint for outraged wildlife advocates who say the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission needs to find non-lethal ways to handle so-called nuisance bears. David Cobb, chief of the agency's Division of Wildlife Management, said the Mountain Air community decided to kill the three-legged bear. [Terrorists murdered that poor bear. Too bad bears don't have the right to *bear arms.* CLGers, share your thoughts with David Cobb, and (919) 733-7291 - Dr. David T. Cobb, President, Southeastern Section of the Wildlife Society, 2012-2013 and Chief of the Division of Wildlife Management, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, 1722 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1722, (919) 707-0050. Click here for full list of sociopaths at the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.]