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NYPD plans to ask pharmacies to stock GPS pill bottles to 'track thieves'

NYPD plans to ask pharmacies to stock GPS pill bottles to 'track thieves' 15 Jan 2013 The New York Police Department wants pharmacies in and around the city to fight prescription drug thefts by stocking pill bottles fitted with GPS tracking chips. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is expected to unveil the project Tuesday at a California conference on health issues hosted by former President Bill Clinton's foundation. In prepared remarks, Kelly says the NYPD is concerned about a growing potential for crimes related to the black market for painkillers and other highly addictive prescription drugs. He says the NYPD is proposing to distribute so-called GPS bottles for pharmacists to hide on their shelves with legitimate supplies. [The US poilce state is *out of control.* Start reading.]


For The 'HEADS' UP!


Consider the timing. In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the public has shown a sad display of intolerance for the mentally ill and a sympathy for a more fascistic response to them. This means a radical strengthening of the mental health system - forced institutionalization and/or drugging of thos 

To "track thieves"? Bullshit. This is about monitoring the mentally ill, or whoever the state is able to classify as such and drug accordingly.

This is being floated by the same historically fascistic police department that has recently developed a plan to take "appropriate action" against people who they believe will commit crimes in the future (precrime).

Remember that this same police department also oversaw the local aspects of the 9/11 cover-up, under the auspices of Bernard Kerik, who was the first nominated to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security and, later, the man brought to Iraq to train its national police forces under the occupation governor, L. Paul Bremer, whose insurance company occupied the floors in the North Tower that were impacted by the first aircraft. These floors, of course, are where the explosive event that initiated the collapse took place. "Modifications" were done to these floors at the behest and under the supervision of that insurance company. Bremer didn't show up for work that morning, but did appear on numerous television stations as a "terrorism expert" who immediately blamed Iraq for the attacks and called for war. Kerik was eventually convicted on a large number of corruption charges, and placed behind bars. He had "coached" Giuliani's responses during 9/11, and delivered the first denial that explosives were used to bring down the buildings.

Of course, the police commissioner in New York was, until 2000, Howard Safir. He had previously been a DEA agent, and was one of the two who arrested Timothy Leary. Safir left the NYPD to take a position as the consultant to the chief executive of Choicepoint, the same corporation that helped Bush steal Florida in 2000 by developing fake lists of felons. At the urging of Safir, Choicepoint purchased Bode Technology Group only five months before 9/11. They were given the contract to identify the victims of 9/11 in the aftermath, and it was done at their large identification laboratory in New York.

Of course, Dan Oates was the chief of the NYPD intelligence division until only weeks before the attacks. Oates would later surface as the chief of police in Aurora, Colorado and played a leading, principal role in the cover-up of the theater massacre on July 20, 2012. Of course, this was a "lead-up" event to the Newtown massacre, and a part of the agenda to radically strengthen the mental health system. Recall that Commissioner Raymond Kelly was, for some mysterious reason, disseminating disinformation to the media in the aftermath of the theater massacre. Despite the fact that it was entirely outside of his jurisdiction, he was the first to report that the suspect had believed he was "the Joker." This cover story (designed specifically to scapegoat the mentally ill) was later proven false. Holmes never said he was the Joker, and didn't even know why he was in prison.

The NYPD had mysterious, unexplained communications with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office during the massacre at Columbine High School, and there were later reports that the suspects had been seen in New York. This has never been confirmed. However, in Eric Harris' (possibly forged/manipulated) journal, he mentions that he and Klebold could, perhaps, hijack an airplane from the infamous Denver International Airport and crash it into New York. The massacre at Columbine appeared to have been a massive covert operation designed to kill up to 500 people. Sophisticated military bombs were discovered in the cafeteria, and no one had seen the suspects bring them in. This wasn't on the security footage, either, as the perpetrator(s) had conveniently moved in at the precise time when the custodian was switching tapes. Bombs had been strategically placed all over the school, with the numbers ranging from 99 to over 120. The idea that all of this was executed by two people is insane. Had the military bombs exploded, the building would have been destroyed and hundreds, including the two dupes and their accomplices, would have been eliminated.

In 1997, Scott Fuselier, a Columbine student, directed a video for his class that depicted four gunmen attacking the school before blowing it up. His father was an FBI officer of high rank, and headed the regional domestic terrorism unit. He had been an on-scene supervisor of the Waco massacre and the siege involving the Montana Freemen. Both cases were displays of government brutality and psychological warfare tactics. Perhaps it was appropriate, then, that Fuselier was an officer and psychologist for the U.S. Air Force, as well as a contributing author to the Handbook of Military Psychology. This makes it hard not to believe that, as Dave McGowan suggests, he has some relation to R. Richard Fuselier, the mysterious attorney who wrote the introduction to "Brainwashing and Cults: An Expose on Capturing the Human Mind" by Paul A. Verdier, Ph.D.

Verdier was a psychiatrist/hypnotist who clearly worked in connection with the CIA and was the director of the mysterious "Institute of Behavioral Conditioning" (scary). From his final chapter ("Benevolent Brainwashing in the Future"), we read:

"The present human derelict will change from a social pariah to a socially contributive being … Education in the future could benefit tremendously from concentration conditioning. Accelerated learning could be assured through programmed instructions while the student is in a semi-hypnotic state of concentration … Besides greater efficiency in the areas of education, work, sports and social interaction, the most fruitful possibility will be the therapeutic conditioning for improved emotions or moods."

R. Richard Fuselier wrote the introduction to this frightening vision of a dictatorship and, in it, he claimed to have an expertise in mind control. Scott Fuselier has moved onto Hollywood, as has Brooks Brown, the close associate of Harris and Klebold who helped Fuselier produce his 1997 film. Brown had acted suspiciously on the day of the massacre, and police initially suspected he knew more than he let on. He was allegedly the last person to speak to Harris (besides Klebold, of course) before the massacre. Despite all of this, he became the star witness for the official version. He now also works for Hollywood, at LucasFilms. Perhaps those "conspiracy theorists" who suggest that a dark secret lurks within the entertainment industry are onto something, and perhaps that secret is mind control. It would certainly explain how these events are always mysteriously foreshadowed by film, television, and musical entertainment. It would also make complete sense being that the entertainment industry is owned by only five massive corporations, which also own the major news outlets and which are also deeply entrenched in the military-industrial complex. Keep in mind, as well, that the entertainment industry has long maintained an incestuously close relationship with the intelligence community. In fact, Warner Brothers executives reportedly received an advanced warning about 9/11 from their CIA connections. Walt Disney was an FBI asset who inserted pro-government, anti-communist ideas into his cartoons.

There was a CIA agent at Paramount Studios, Charles Douglas Jackson, who had been a psychological warfare specialist working under Gen. Dwight Eisenhower during WWII. Jackson later went to work as senior vice president (and CIA agent) at Time-Life Corporation, owned by Henry Luce. Luce, a CIA asset, was a member of the Order of Skull & Bones. Here, Jackson worked alongside R. Gordon Wasson, also a senior vice president at Time-Life. Wasson is commonly known as the man who brought magic mushrooms to America, and one of the principal figures at the initiation of the psychedelic revolution. He was also a CIA operative with close associates such as Allen Dulles, George F. Kennan, and Edward Bernays. He had begun his journalistic career as a media lackey of J.P. Morgan, for whom he would later work as a banking executive. There is evidence that it was Morgan and the CIA who sponsored his mushroom adventures. It has been completely proven that there was a CIA agent working with Wasson in Mexico as part of MK-ULTRA, though this was allegedly without Wasson's knowledge. However, his connections make this very difficult to believe. 

Wasson was also, curiously enough, a very close associate of George de Mohrenschildt and his brother, Dimitri. De Mohrenschildt was an asset of the CIA and Military Intelligence who also happened to be Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend. His father, Sergius, was among the Nazi intelligence agents recruited by Allen Dulles after WWII. De Mohrenschildt often sung the praises of Hitler, and was connected to a film company ("Film Facts") that produced pro-Nazi propaganda. His uncle, Ferdinand, possessed many pro-Nazi films. Dimitri von Mohrenschildt, his brother, was a close associate of Allen Dulles, the editor of the Russian Review (a CIA-funded periodical), and a co-founder of the CIA propaganda organ, Radio Free Europe. 

De Mohrenschildt "committed suicide" hours before he was scheduled to speak to an investigator with the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Virtually all of the evidence, physical and otherwise, suggested murder. In his address book were the names of both R. Gordon Wasson and George H.W Bush (as well as Bush's then little-known nickname "Poppy"). Wasson was known to be a close associate of the brothers. 

Wasson's close associate at Time-Life, C.D. Jackson, purchased the explosive film of the assassination (which proved a frontal shot) for $150,000 from Abraham Zapruder. He and Luce kept it hidden for 11 years, while allowing Dan Rather to lie that Kennedy's head was pushed "violently forward" and allowing the FBI to reverse the crucial frames (allegedly a "printing error") to make it appear as if Kennedy's head was pushed forward. The crucially misleading frames were printed in Life Magazine, despite the fact that this publication was owned by Time-Life, whose leadership knew well that an error had been made. 

Zapruder, interestingly enough, belonged to two CIA proprietaries, the Crusade for a Free Europe and the Dallas Council on World Affairs. The latter group had been established by Neil Mallon, a CIA asset/recruiter and an operative of the Bush and Harriman families who De Mohrenschildt's associate "Poppy" Bush referred to as "Uncle Neil". "Uncle Neil" was, like Luce and "Poppy", a member of Skull & Bones.

Zapruder was a manufacturer of women's dresses, operating out of the Dal-Tex Building. This was where some witnesses reported a shot was fired. It was also where several suspects were arrested, some of whom have never been identified and all of whom have never been adequately cleared. One was a known Mafia courier and another identified himself as "an independent oil contractor from Houston" - precisely what "Poppy" was. This "oil contractor" was arrested as a possible gunman, and definitely looked the part. He appeared to be in a state of panic and almost nauseaus. When one remembers that "Poppy" has always had serious difficulties establishing an alibi, and has since attempted to create a fabricated one, a frightening picture of what may have happened that day begins to emerge. 

All of it comes into a full circle of weirdness when one takes into account that Zapruder's secretary was George DeMohrenschildt's wife. 

Making these connections will soon be enough to earn you an RFID/GPS pill bottle, courtesy of the CIA. Or, as it occasionally calls itself, the NYPD intelligence division. 


Predicting the next tactic of TPTB seems to be easier than an accurate 24-hour weather forecast - please see my "Speedfail" post here at CT-senator-calls-background-checks-buy-ammo#comment-3503.
Also thanks to SimonJCP for interesting stuff below, especially the Hollywood connection - look at all those falling skyscrapers at the end of "Fight Club" sometime, and consider the possibility that our own disaffected youth were being set up as Plan B patsies for 9/11 if the al Qaeda story fell through.