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Obama turns doctors into gun control snitches running health care spy network

Obama turns doctors into gun control snitches running health care spy network 16 Jan 2013 As part of Obama's 23 executive orders announced today, doctors will be transformed into gun control snitches who are ordered by Obama to ask patients about guns they might have at home. What this means is that doctor-patient confidentiality is now history. Even worse, doctors are being pressed to start interrogating patients about whether they own guns so that this information can be reported to the government. This is all being done under the cover of so-called "gun safety" but it's really about turning doctors into devious government spies who conduct covert patient interrogations under the cover of providing them with health care. Once collected by the government, this information will then be used to seize guns from those individuals under some kind of mental health designation.


You DO realize, don't you, that this website is one of those Alex Jones satellite sites that frequently quotes from You're getting into bed here with sweaty, bug-eyed, libertarian conspiracy theorists.

But that particular site -- not Jones's site, the health site -- is on point, re: deadly vaccines and many issues of health freedom. If Alex Jones links to that item, and CLG also links to it - then on that particular moment in time we agree. All sides of the political spectrum can agree, for example, on the topics of the NDAA, mandatory vaccines, endless wars for oil, etc. --LRP