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Obama warns Syria amid rising concern over chemical weapons

Obama warns Syria amid rising concern over chemical weapons [LOL! I didn't think USociopaths would dare dip from the 'chemical weapons' well so soon after the Iraq disaster, but alas alak--I was wrong.] 03 Dec 2012 President Obama warned Syria on Monday that deploying chemical weapons is "totally unacceptable," after what U.S. officials said were new intelligence reports that the Damascus government is preparing such munitions for possible use. Obama told the government of President Bashar al-Assad that "there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable" if it used any part of its stockpile of chemical weapons, including sarin gas, the deadly nerve agent. A U.S. intelligence official said "we have pretty good visibility" into Syria's depots, and a second U.S. official said intelligence gathered in recent days has raised alarms.


as per iraq... depleted uranium to cause birth defects for generations to come and the deaths of millions of innocent men women and children who were never a threat to anyone.