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Obama wins reelection

Obama wins reelection 07 Nov 2012 With polls closed throughout the continental United States, President Barack Obama won reelection by a comfortable margin in the Electoral College, while pulling ahead in the popular vote after midnight, as returns began coming in from the West Coast...Obama will repay those who turned out to vote for him by carrying out measures that will devastate their jobs, living standards and social conditions. The "grand bargain" that he has pledged to negotiate with the Republicans will come at the expense of the working class, through trillions in cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs.


I am unsubscribing. Never mind the bias here, which is stunning. To file as your first "story" that "Obama will repay x by doing y," and then throwing a lot of mud is something I don't want from the left or right. There was a presidential election. Report it. Period. Where's the unsubscribe button?

Good riddance, Dem booster.