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Petraeus Quits Post; Evidence of Affair Was Found by F.B.I.

Petraeus Quits Post; Evidence of Affair Was Found by F.B.I. 10 Nov 2012  David H. Petraeus, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and one of America's most decorated four-star generals, resigned on Friday after an F.B.I. investigation uncovered evidence that he was carrying on an extramarital affair. Mr. Petraeus issued a statement acknowledging the affair after President Obama accepted his resignation and it was announced by the C.I.A. He had offered to resign on Thursday when he informed Mr. Obama about the affair, White House officials said. Government officials said that the F.B.I. had investigated whether a computer used by Mr. Petraeus had been compromised. In the course of that inquiry, federal investigators discovered the relationship, officials said. [Instead of searching for evidence of Petraeus's affairs, why not look into his war crimes?]


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