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Should people who spread falsehoods about Newtown shooting be prosecuted?

Should people who spread falsehoods about Newtown shooting be prosecuted? 17 Dec 2012 At a news conference Sunday, Connecticut State Police warned about misinformation [?!] about the school shooting in Newtown being spread over social media and said those spreading falsehoods could be prosecuted under the law. "One thing that is becoming somewhat of a concern is misinformation that is being posted on social media sites," said Lt. Paul Vance at a news conference. In the hours after news of the Newtown shooting broke, many details of the crime, its alleged perpetrator and its victims were spread around social media and have since been proven wrong.


On Sunday's "60 Minutes", Scott Pelley said that they had been misinformed (didn't say by whom), and had therefore reported, that Nancy Lanza was a teacher at Sandy Hook, and that she had been targeted in her classroom. Since the "official story" seems to have changed by the hour, how would the good Lt. determine who was spreading falsehoods? And here's a curiosity for you - if you listen to the police/fire scanner traffic posted on Youtube, you don't get a sense that a massacre was unfolding. Within three minutes, you hear "suspect down" and "foot injury in room 1", along with "two shooters (or shouters?) coming at me!). There silent periods, with bursts of traffic that is either scrambled or overdubbed to render it unintelligible. And there is a dispatcher that seems to be telling a third ambulance driver that he is NOT needed at the school, and that a staging area has been set up at the Sandy Hook Fire Station.
(disclaimer - I cannot verify if this youtube clip has any resemblance to the actual events of 12-14-2012).