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Sick, frail struggle most in storm's aftermath

Sick, frail struggle most in storm's aftermath 10 Nov 2012 Some of society's most vulnerable people -- the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill -- have been pushed to the brink in the powerless, flood-ravaged neighborhoods struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. The storm didn't just knock out electricity and destroy property when it came ashore in places like the Far Rockaway section of Queens. It disrupted the fragile support networks that allowed the neighborhood's frailest residents to get by. Here, the catastrophe has closed pharmacies, kept home care aids from getting to elderly clients and made getting around in a wheelchair impossible. The city has recorded at least two deaths of older men in darkened buildings. [Of course, the Red Cross sacks of sh*t are MIA in impoverished areas of the US, as usual. --LRP]


My parents both fought in WWII and one thing they said was they would never donate to the Red Cross because they always charged the soldiers for donuts.  My mother especially was very angry about this many years after.  The Salvation Army on the other hand always gave the donuts free.  So you can see there is a long history of doing nothing quite the way it should be done.  

Don't donate to the Red Cross!