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Some 'hit by police bullets' in Empire State Building shooting

Some 'hit by police bullets' in Empire State Building shooting --Police, already on the scene, were actually 'anti-terrorism units.' By Lori Price, 24 Aug 2012 Some struck in NYC's Empire State Building shooting were 'wounded or grazed' [*or killed*] by NYPD bullets. Nine bystanders were injured by 'stray' (read: police) fire. There are conflicting reports on whether Jeffrey Johnson, 53, actually shot at police before the counter-terrorism police officers fired at him. The gunman is among two dead in NYC shootings. [So the purpose of this particular op was to get people acclimated to the notion that the police -- and/or anti-terrorism units, DHS, or other federal agencies -- can open fire on crowds and we're supposed to accept such an action as 'necessary.' --LRP]


After hearing about events through mainstream media, I always come to your website to get a more likely perspective on what really happened!

For 'Boondocks' show fans...

The brainwashing of the Idiot American continues. Everywhere you look in today's mainstream media there are images of police assaulting citizens as a good thing. The artificial "war on terror" has given the police the power to harrass and arrest people for the most ridiculous 'offenses', and it's given the Am3rikan people an excuse to fear their fellow citizens. WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!