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Speaker Boehner's debt-ceiling bill passes House, heads to hostile Senate

Speaker Boehner's debt-ceiling bill passes House, heads to hostile Senate --House passes Tea Party-driven debt plan, 218 to 210 29 Jul 2011 Friday evening House Republicans passed Speaker John Boehner's two-step plan to raise the debt ceiling, 218-210. No Democrats voted for the measure and 22 Republicans voted against it. The bill would cut $917 billion in government spending over ten years and would require the passage of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution before raising the debt ceiling for a second time in February. The measure is dead on arrival in the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to push through his own debt-ceiling plan. (MSNBC, Politico)


Deter The Obamanible DUN$ of August!

Legitgov's comment, "House passes Tea Party-driven debt plan..." is simply not accurate. The Tea Party caucus members of the House, led by Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul, voted against the "plan" and oppose any additional Fed Debt. All the Tea party groups united on this one, stating with one clear voice: NO DEBT INCREASE!

No, this is Boehner's Fed Debt Increase. The Tea Party is still growing, so I suspect this may be the last time the Federal Establishment can simply vote to put our children's future deeper into debt in order to control our present.

I believe the Tea Party Movement will continue to oppose any GOP candidate for president who supports more Fed Debt!

You can send a strong messge to your Senators here:


Obama has sold us up the creek again.