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Susan Rice withdraws name from consideration for Secretary of State

Rice withdraws as secretary of state candidate 13 Dec 2012 Susan Rice, the embattled U.N. ambassador, abruptly withdrew from consideration to be the next secretary of state on Thursday after an ugly standoff with Republican senators who declared they would vigorously oppose her nomination. The move elevates Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as the likely choice to be the nation's next top diplomat when Hillary Rodham Clinton departs soon. President Barack Obama accepted Rice's decision with a shot at Republicans.


I think Susan Rice withdrew he name from consideration before Obama got a chance to throw her under the bus. I wouldn't be surprise if Obama joins with the republicans on the "fiscal cliff" scare to try and use that as an excuse to throw Medicare and Social Security under the bus. 

I think also she wants to keep all her stock in that pipeline... why not become rich like everyone else in the government.  Stop the pipeline!