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TSA to phase in new pat-down procedures at airports nationwide

TSA to phase in new pat-down procedures at airports nationwide --'Passengers who opt out of advanced imaging technology screening will receive alternate screening to include a thorough pat-down.' [Yeah, and they can't *wait* for the thirteen-year-olds to fly! Predators with a 'purpose' get a pass.] 29 Oct 2010 Airline passengers can expect to see as well as feel new pat-down procedures at U.S. airports over the coming weeks in an effort to provide another layer of security for travelers, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday. "Pat-downs are one important tool to help TSA detect hidden and dangerous items such as explosives," according to a TSA statement sent to CNN. The TSA said passengers should continue to expect "an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others."


Warning - I'm no longer flying. Resorts and airlines, take notice.  Your revenues are about to plumet even more.

I refuse to fly too. Too much like the soviet union.

Same here.. I don't need a heavy dose of radiation before and after my vacation

I stopped flying a year ago because of the excessive screening

I quit about two years ago and will not fly commercial again until the nonsense stops.

I stopped all flying, subscriptions about vacations & travel, and discount flying service subscriptions in January 2009. I now drive anywhere I need to go. I hate the new airport vibe because it reminds me of the way it was in the old East Bloc countries.

I was thinking about flying to Vegas for a Front Sight class.  Screw it, I'm driving.

AND I looked for an airport that would not iradiate me!!!

If I can't find one I won't fly

Same here.  I'm not flying if I required to get a dose of radiation.  I'm not willingly going to be another statistic.  It's an easy way to sicken people. 

I got scanned! Without knowlege or consent!!!  I will never fly again!!!

due to their new screening techniques.  I say F*$K the airlines and the TSA!  I won't fly anymore and I encourage everyone I know not to fly as well.

I have not flown for years just because of this and other S__t 'TPTB' are putting us through.


Nope, opting out too. 

what's wrong with a tall, dark, handsome, sexy well built guy feeling you up?  TSA should only hire this kind of guy.

Turn about is fair play- if a female inspector is "fondling" your private parts do back to her what she is doing to you.  Male on male?  Grab on to his genitals and if he "gets out of line"  give him a firm squeeze.  It will make this all go away.  I also gave up flying because of this invasion of our privacy.

No flying for me.