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Troubled Calif. nuke plant inches toward restart

Troubled Calif. nuke plant inches toward restart 15 Jan 2013 After a year of gathering dust and negative headlines, the troubled [dangerous] San Onofre nuclear power plant shows stirrings toward a possible restart, though big barriers remain, officials said. Nuclear Regulatory Commission senior inspector Greg Warnick said the agency is beginning to prepare a detailed plan of what would need to be done to bring San Onofre safely back to service. The seaside plant between San Diego and Los Angeles hasn't produced electricity since a tiny radiation leak led to the discovery of excessive wear on hundreds of steam generator tubes that carry radioactive water in January 2012.


We live nearby.  Last spring when I was circulating state petitions any number of San Clemente activists from "San Clemente Green" (google those words to find plenty of video clips on their activities and protest of the plant) came up to me and were asking for my help in getting out the word about San Onofre.  The whole idea of a Nuclear Generator in such a seismically active area, and right on the Pacific Ocean's edge is pretty mad.  NO, very insane.  I was reading the other night a bio of Frank Zappa and, something I never knew, he grew up next to a chemical plant and developed severe allergies as a kid.  His doctor inserted a radium pellet in each nostril, unaware in the 1940s how bad a move that was.  Zappa died of cancer at 53.  They used to advertise tooth paste with radioactive additives.  "For that smile that glows in the dark,"  should have been their tagline. 

If they were that ignorant about the long term effects and hazards of such things back then, or taking their time with safety features, why should we believe they would level with us now, about dangers.  Clearly, profits far outweigh their concern for human health, apparently even their own.  If that is not starkly madness, what would qualify?  They warn us about spreading discontent, or hysteria, by fear mongering.  How about them?  They warned that shutting down the plant would create a hazard of deadly power shortages.  None of that happened.

Without further ado,  check out the dangers there, and the reason record of leakage, and even if you live thousands of miles away, you are going to want to decommission those plants. It's amazing how such types that back the plant would let their money hunger, and getting more for less, would allow such contraptions on our landscape.  It's quite insane, bottom line.