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US to Give Afghanistan Its Very Own Fleet of Drones

US to Give Afghanistan Its Very Own Fleet of Drones 15 Jan 2013 In his first media appearance since visiting President Obama in Washington, Hamid Karzai announced that the United States had agreed to give his country a fleet of drones.  American troops will even stick around and show Afghan forces how to use them. "They will train Afghans to fly them, use them and maintain them," said Karzai at a news conference. "Besides drones, Afghanistan will be provided with other intelligence gathering equipment which will be used to defend and protect our air and ground sovereignty." That includes 20 helicopters and at least four C-130 transport planes. [Yes, by all means -- let's cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid so we can provide the remaining Blackwater terrorists with a fleet of drones to protect the CIA's opium and gas routes.]


criminal elements within the us government give away weapons funded by US taxpayers to continue agenda remotely after troops leave.

The disconnect from us and them and the BS is astounding.

For all his droning martyr-makers, the Umbrellaphatine Changeling-in-chief can't murder US ALL>