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US embassy in Kabul hit by rocket attacks

US embassy in Kabul hit by rocket attacks 25 Dec 2013 A pair of rockets have hit the US embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, sending hundreds of US diplomats and aid workers into bunkers, Press TV reports. According to the US embassy, the incident took place early on Wednesday, leaving no casualties. This is while Afghan officials have said that another two rockets have struck the neighboring districts to the embassy and three police officers were injured, when one of the rockets, which had not gone off on impact, detonated. [Gee, what a shame! Maybe it's time for the US to leave Afghanistan and let the CIA worry about protecting its own opium and gas routes.]


I think the key to this is in this paragraph of the article:

"The blast comes amid rising tensions between Kabul and Washington over the controversial Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), which allows the US troops to stay in war-torn Afghanistan beyond 2014 with immunity from prosecution under Afghan law."

I think many of these "rocket attacks" are simply a cheap way of staging continual "terrorism" in occupied Afghanistan. Like many other such attacks, no real damage was caused to the base and there were no casualties. The only three people who were injured were the police officers who were attempting to defuse one of the rockets. Are these supposed 'militants' really trying to attack the embassy or simply simulate such?

Also notice that anonymous representatives of the Taliban claimed that there were "heavy casualties," and yet there apparently were none. The Taliban was funded by the U.S. and still is through the opium trade. There have been persistent reports from Pakistani villages that unmarked helicopters piloted by westerners would rescue and ferrie around members of the group.

The Taliban is a group of U.S. intelligence assets, and they probably decided to embellish the confession. The "spokesman" cited, Zabiullah Mujahid, is reported to simply be a persona used by a number of mysterious individuals (intelligence assets) associated with the group. "He" has previously disseminated slickly disguised propaganda for the U.S. intelligence community:

"In July the first of the Manning tranche, the “Afghan War Diary”, was published. Assange held back only 15,000 of the 93,000 reports. Unforgivably, those released included the names of perhaps 300 Afghans who had assisted Western forces. A Taliban spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, claimed that a nine-member commission had been created after the documents were released “to find out about people who were spying”."