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US group fights ban on Israel 'war crime' bus ads

March 8, 2011 by legitgov

US group fights ban on Israel 'war crime' bus ads 08 Mar 2011 A US lobby group is taking legal action to challenge a local authority's refusal to let it put posters on Seattle buses criticizing Israel's "war crimes" in Gaza. The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SMAC) vowed to pursue a lawsuit, despite a judge's refusal to force officials who run the bus system in Seattle and surrounding suburbs to allow the posters to be displayed. In December, the group paid King County authorities nearly $1,800 to put ads on the sides of 12 Seattle-area metro buses reading: "Israeli War Crimes: Your Tax Dollars at Work," with a picture of a bombed out Gaza wall.


  “They Murder, We Build.”

March 15, 2011 by Anonymous, 5 years 11 weeks ago
Comment: 1543


They Murder, We Build.” Says Netanyahu. I wonder if the esteemed prime minister has ever considered that if Israeli had destroyed the enemy's capacity to wage war against civilians, that there would have been no murders? Every time Israel caved in to yet another insane demand from the U.N. For a cease-fire, the Arabs commit more murder and mayhem against Jews. Lest we forget, Hamas leaders were laughing at the Israeli government while they were calling the last big “ceasefire” a “victory for the Palestinian resistance”. According to The Jewish Press, the spokesperson for Hamas, Muhammad Abdul-Al issued a press release saying, “We are humiliating the Israelis. They kept threatening to make a huge operation in Gaza, but they were the ones who begged us to go into the ceasefire.” The terrorist further stated that because of the rocket attacks they went into the truce from a position of “force and power” and that Hamas viewed this agreement as an opportunity to regroup and bring more weapons in from the Sinai. Pusruing peace with murderers must be Israel's secret weapon, because every time the Israeli government emmisary says “let's do another cease-fire” another Arab dies laughing. Http://


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