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US 'will hand over' Libya command

US 'will hand over' Libya command 20 Mar 2011 The US has said it expects to hand over control of military operations against Libya within days to either a UK-France coalition or Nato. Meanwhile in Tripoli, journalists were shown a ruined building in Col Muammar Gaddafi's compound that officials said was hit by a missile late on Sunday. The UK said it again launched Tomahawk missiles as part of a co-ordinated strike on Libyan air defences.


It's called Manufactured Dissent.

I hasn't reached the U.S. but it's on the way.

Basically, what we have People fo the World is a country (the U.S., et al.) that

imposes their bullshit.  These Satanists and decided when and where they want to

kill for prosperity, according to Satan.

They try and step on souls, they crush everything they believe and deem to be created under

their feet, but they have no clue.  You can see it in their eyes.  Their soul is dead and their eyes

magnify the darkness in their heart.  They chose death rather than life and they have condemned their



Pray for them.