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Unemployment rate falls to 8.9%

After givig away the US Treasury to Wall Street: Unemployment rate falls to 8.9% 04 Mar 2011 The nation’s unemployment rate fell to 8.9 percent in February, the lowest level since April 2009, as 192,000 jobs were added to non-farm payrolls. The Labor Department reported Friday that employment rose in manufacturing, construction and temporary help agencies. State and local government payrolls declined. Federal government employment was unchanged. [Time for gas prices to skyrocket, since Obama did *nothing* to curb Wall Street speculators.]


These corporate nuts play the numbers.

WMD's, etc.

One of the problems is the media and their bias corporate reporting of the millions of homeless and poverty in this country while the terrrorists in office send billion upon billions of dollars to their terrorist friends to secure themselves a seat at God's table.

They're pretty screwed...