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Wisconsin police search for Democratic senators

Wisconsin police search for Democratic senators 24 Feb 2011 Wisconsin Republicans sent police on Thursday on an unsuccessful search for the 14 runaway Senate Democrats who fled the state to block a vote on a spending bill that would curtail public union bargaining rights. Republicans dispatched state patrol officers to the Democrats' homes in an attempt to end a standoff over Republican Governor Scott Walker's proposal to strip most collective bargaining rights from public union workers.


The Koch brothers are significant donors to Walker, who depended on the largesse of the conservative billionaires to get elected as governor of the state of Wisconsin. Walker fell-victim to a telephone prank in which someone claiming to be David Koch deceived him into divulging a plot that would trick Democrats into allowing the passage of a bill; stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights. Walker himself was fooled when he was goaded into admitting he was ready to lie to the opposition to get his way.