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The truth about the Red Cross

The truth about the Red Cross --The right-wing, scandal-ridden 'charity' that isn't really a charity --'The whole history of the organization is one gigantic scandal--stretching from its racist policies toward African Americans to its corporate mentality toward human beings.' By Joe Allen 21 Oct 2005 Though it is technically a nonprofit, the Red Cross is run more like profit-hungry corporation than what most people think a "charity" would act like. The most deadly example of this was the Red Cross's criminally negligent response to the early stages of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. In 1982 and especially 1983... major blood banks, led by the Red Cross, opposed national testing of blood for HIV. The Red Cross's opposition was based on the financial cost. As investigative journalist Judith Reitman wrote in her book Bad Blood: "It appeared it would be cheaper to pay off infected blood recipients, should they pursue legal action, than to up the Red Cross blood supply." ...Enron-style bookkeeping, deceptive advertising and outright theft of funds have also been a big part of the Red Cross's recent history.