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Washington DC
Jan. 20th, 2005





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  • Stolen Election 2004
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  • Rules For Protesters LOL! Treasury Dept. press release
  • Bring Your SIGNS
  • J-20 Legal

  • Know Your Rights

  • People's Law Collective

  • Let the world know this was another stolen election!

    Only VOTE FRAUD and a massive media campaign to misinform the public about the war and domestic affairs and rampant war profiteering and corporate greed run amok can instill this WEASEL!

    Are you going to stay home and watch it all on TV just because the coronation takes place on a Thursday? You know corporate media will not cover the events any better than they did in 2000 when they resorted to outright lies. Will you look back on January 20th later and sigh "I wish I had gone to D.C. and created history?"

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  • Driving Votes ride board

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  • NOTE: Low-priced transportation includes the budget buses that go from DC Chinatown (near the mall) to major cities.
    Chinatown Bus .com


  • Citizens For Legitimate Government

  • High Security for Inauguration - article featuring the CLG march


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  • Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane

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