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$250,000 reward for Fauci whistleblowers

$250,000 reward for Fauci whistleblowers | 13 June 2021 | Here is your big chance to help yourself and help the world at the same time. Chris Martenson's Fauci takedown videos (episodes 7,8,9) are pretty compelling. It sure looks like Fauci orchestrated a cover up so nobody would connect the dots that it was Fauci who is the "father of COVID." If you have information that can lead to proving to the world that:

  1. Tony Fauci deliberately misled the world to believe that the virus came from nature,
  2. Tony Fauci deliberately misled the world into believing early treatments don’t work thus causing the unnecessary death of millions of people
  3. How prominent employees within the NIH sandbagged the review of ivermectin...
  4. The real reason NAC was pulled from the market. 60 years on the market, and they suddenly pull it? Seriously?

Send email to and tell me what information you have and if I think it is worth it, I will pay you up to $250,000 to obtain that information and make it public.