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AT&T Stops Holding CLG Newsletters Hostage, Releases 'Quarantined' Editions

AT&T Stops Holding CLG Newsletters Hostage, Releases 'Quarantined' Editions By Lori Price, 18 Oct 2012 CLGers, AT&T -- including,,,,,,,,,,, and -- was incontrovertibly blocking the server used to disseminate the CLG Newsletter. And so, some back issues may (finally) be released. Note: This issue has absorbed much of my time and energy over the last few days, which explains why I was unable to respond to email, and/or thank the folks who have donated to CLG. I apologize for that. Note: If your CLG Newsletter suddenly 'stops' arriving in your inbox, please don't hesitate to let us know about the problem, by writing signup at


why I suddenly found 5 or was it 6 editions one on top of the other in my email box..

thanks for keeping on top of this...and other issues.... I despise ATT for their horrible service re internet and arrogance and outrageous prices for their products not to speak of their predatorial calls often aimed at elderly people to promote their add ons... a neighbour with severe dementia / alzheimers was sold their entire list of call waiting/conference/block etc crap and suddenly their phone bill topped over $1000 a month...I am sure that the person selling could have been able to tell that Fernand was not understanding what he was took some threats etc to restore things to just the cheapest service they had.  They are robber barons! 



I owuld like to get in touch with the family of your neighbor, as this goes to my work about abusive company practices, including the many examples my just-released book THE FINE PRINT. Please email me at