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AWOL soldier held trying to enter key US base

AWOL soldier held trying to enter key US base 15 Jun 2010 A heavily-armed AWOL soldier and a female companion were held after trying to enter a key US base in Florida with fake documents, a military spokeswoman said Tuesday. The pair were stopped around 5:00 pm (2100 GMT) trying to enter MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, site of the headquarters of US Central Command, base spokeswoman Katherine Holt said in a statement. The suspects "presented fraudulent identification and were questioned" by security guards at the base gate, she said. When the guards searched their vehicle "a dog alerted on a scent that led to the discovery of ammunition and weapons. Six weapons and ammunition were found in the vehicle." The Air Force identified the suspects as Specialist Christopher Paul of the Kansas-based First Infantry Division and a female civilian, Micah Noel Goodier of Palm Beach, Florida.