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Alan Colmes Blasts Pro-Israel Media Pushing for Iran War

Alan Colmes Blasts Pro-Israel Media Pushing for Iran War By Lori Price, 05 Mar 2012 On Fox News program 'Happening Now,' liberal political commentator and radio host Alan Colmes participated Monday in a discussion on whether or not a 'liberal media' exists. Colmes noted that Dick Cheney daughter Liz Cheney and former George W. Bush recess-appointed UN Ambassador John Bolton were 'all over' the media, a 'new generation' of former Iraq war hawks now pushing for war on Iran. Conservative counterpart Cal Thomas responded that Cheney and Bolton were mere voices in the discourse and not media institutions such as CBS News, and therefore did not share the same media heft. Colmes asserted that rather than a so-called liberal bias, it is an omnipresent pro-Israel media bias that dominates the media landscape. "You have a pro-Israel media out there that supports anything Israel does. It's almost anathema in the media to say anything against what the government of Israel says." [I wonder how many days before he's fired?]


Lori: your right....Colmes was taken off Hannity for can bet Faux will do colmes in...just wait.

If anyone believes for one moment that Russia and China, countries with real military forces, are going to set back and let Isarel and US take over yet another buffer country in the Middle East, they are sorely mistaken. The days of pushing around and taking over the little countries is now over with everyone but the war mongers in the US, UK and the Isareli war party coming to this realization.