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Alerts say major cyber attack aimed at gas pipeline industry

Heads up! USociopaths are attacking themselves again so they can blame Anonymous and/or Iran and pass psycho CISPA: Alerts say major cyber attack aimed at gas pipeline industry --Intrusions aimed at control systems, agency of Homeland Security warns 06 May 2012 A major cyber attack is currently under way aimed squarely at computer networks belonging to US natural gas pipeline companies, according to alerts issued to the industry by the US Department of Homeland Security. At least three confidential "amber" alerts – the second most sensitive next to "red" – were issued by DHS beginning March 29, all warning of a "gas pipeline sector cyber intrusion campaign" against multiple pipeline companies. But the wave of cyber attacks, which apparently began four months ago – and may also affect Canadian natural gas pipeline companies [Yeah, right!] – is continuing. That fact was reaffirmed late Friday in a public, albeit less detailed, "incident response" report from the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT), an arm of DHS based in Idaho Falls.