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Arrest Terror Suspect Tony Hayward - No Miranda Rights

Arrest Terror Suspect Tony Hayward - No Miranda Rights By Lori Price, 26 May 2010 BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward is the lead suspect in eleven homicides and the suspected architect of the largest act of terrorism on US land and sea. Since Republicans and the Obama Administration want to deny Miranda rights to terror suspects captured on US soil, Hayward should not have Miranda rights read to him. After his arrest, the US needs to invoke the 'public safety' exception. Therefore, Hayward will not be allowed access to an attorney and his arraignment will be delayed, until he details his full complicity with al-CITIduh (2000 - 2003) and the Bilderberg Group.

Tony Hayward has long-term ties to the most dangerous terrorist groups in the US. Hayward served as member of the Advisory Board of Citibank from 2000 to 2003. According to Wikipedia,'Tony Hayward is an active member of the Bilderberg Group.'

BP CEO Tony Hayward

Terror suspect BP CEO  Tony Hayward 

BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Oil Well Before Blast 26 May 2010  Several days before the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, BP officials chose, partly for financial reasons, to use a type of casing for the well that the company knew was the riskier of two options, according to a BP document. The concern with the method BP chose, the document said, was that if the cement around the casing pipe did not seal properly, gases could leak all the way to the wellhead, where only a single seal would serve as a barrier... Workers from the rig and company officials have said that hours before the explosion, gases were leaking through the cement, which had been set in place by the oil services contractor, Halliburton. Investigators have said these leaks were the likely cause of the explosion.

440 birds, 393 of them dead --Oil spill's BP's animal victims struggle as experts fear a mounting toll 27 May 2010 In the Louisiana marsh, oil-coated pelicans flap their wings in a futile attempt to dry them. A shorebird repeatedly dunks its face in a puddle, unable to wash off. Lines of dead jellyfish float in the gulf, traces of oil visible in their clear "bells." Now that oil from the Gulf of Mexico's vast spill has come ashore -- in some places, as thick as soft fudge -- it is causing serious damage in one of the country's great natural nurseries. In nature, oil is a versatile killer. It smothers the tiny animals that make up a coral reef. It suffocates blades of marsh grass, cutting them off from air and sunlight. It clumps up a bird's feathers, leaving it unable to fly; then, trying to remove the oil, birds swallow it.

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America 24 May 2010 A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with "total destruction". Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

BP oil gusher

The BP-Halliburton oil gusher is destroying the US Gulf Coast, and beyond.

'Insurgents' at BP's HQ 24 May 2010 BP-Halliburton has executed a large-scale act of terror on US land and sea. Where are the 'insurgents' when you need them? They obviously should be at BP's HQ until there is no more BP HQ. (Facebook group)


'Oil' by David Dees