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Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities'

Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' --'Oddities' compiled as they emerge --HOW is a former student, jobless, able to spend *thousands of dollars* on, essentially, a full-blown military arsenal? Just curious. Oh. Unless, of course, someone *gave* it to him... like... his handler? By Lori Price, 20 Jul 2012 [Updated: 26 Jul 2012.]


As soon as I heard about it I new it was an MK Ultra victim staged to create fear and to push the new gun laws in the favor of the black shadow government. Thanks Lori for saying the obvious. Just wish more people would get it and wake up out of their slumber - Peace - Leona 

I agree with Leona's comment and want to add something about the date on which this occurred.

I suppose we've all heard how numerology plays a role in these satanic illuminati rituals.   So the date was 7/20/2012. First you add the 7 and the 2, which is 9, or 6 reversed. Then using the 2012, you would add the 1 +2 for 3, which means three 9s (or 6s). Lastly, use the first 2 in 2012 to double this and you get six 9s (or six 6s). We've all heard about the meaning of the 666. Well, according to how I've just explained it, this date can be worked out to equal 666 666.

I've also thought about the significance of 9/11/2001. With this date, again the 6 is "hidden" or reversed (which I'm assuming makes it more powerful to them). With this, you first get 99 by multiplying 9 and 11. You can then triple this by adding the 2 + 1. So this one works out to 99 99 99 or six 9s (which can be reversed to six 6s). So it's the same as the above, essentially. 

The other obvious one is the 3/11/2011 date of the tsunami. This one starts out as a pair of 3s, or 33. But the additional 11 at the end can make it into two 33s or one 66. It can then be doubled with the 2 in 2011, so that it comes out to 6666.

Not to overdo this point, but the other one I noticed was the date of the Norway youth camp attack, 7/22/2011. In this one, immediately again we see the 9s (7+2 and 7+2). Adding the 2+1+1 would come out to four 9s, or four 6s reversed.

There is plenty about these matters already on the internet--about Prince's song 1999 being a veiled reference to 666, etc. (One other one I've noticed is the Monster energy drink logo reversed looks like three 6s.) I'm not sure how helpful knowing any of this is... The usefulness of such information would be if people could use it to help predict when such things are likely to happen. But this is really difficult. 

One final thought... Surely it's not a coincidence that he was studying neuroscience (and on a NIH grant). I don't like to hypothesize in a way that leads off topic, but it seems like he himself could have been doing mind control research. Maybe he became part of the "experiment."

My prayers go out to the victims and their families. The truth will set us all free. Jesus Christ is the ruler of this world.


Hi Lori Price (& colleagues) -- thank you for doing a great job

helpfully providing the public with info. + insights !!

Please see below...

several COMMENTS plus LINKS

re: deep politics, "coincidences", discrepancies

& assorted weirdness (about this manufactured event) 

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forum, with more info. to share  -->

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best regards, "almaverdad2"

Colorado Theater Eyewitness Describes Gunman and Possible Accomplice

Possible Second Shooter In Tragic Batman Denver Shooting  Eyewitness Account

Some of the inconsistencies and coincidences in the "Official Story" of the Aurora shooting have been noted by others - here are some that I have not seen as yet:

1. Did he "burst" like Superman through a closed emergency exit designed to prevent entry from the exterior, or was the door propped open somehow? Did he do that all by himself, as Anderson Cooper claims? One eyewitness account has someone in the front corner seat answering a cell phone and going to the emergency exit the gunman burst through shortly after. If this was a single gunman, did he don all his gear and weapons in those few moments?

2. Did he handle and reload FOUR weapons and three ammo types with amazing speed and accuracy, made all the more incredible with reports that one of the handguns AND the 100-round magazine on his assault rifle supposedly jammed?

3. Did he have the wherewithal to exotically booby-trap his apartment and leave a loop of loud music on from midnight to 1AM while he was quite busy elsewhere, thereby tempting other irate tenants to open his door and trigger it when he did not answer?

4. Why did the Aurora Police bus 100 witnesses from Theater #9 to Gateway High School to "interview them" at 2:30AM, adding immeasurably to the trauma of the witnesses and their loved ones? Why has this episode been "scrubbed" from MSM reports?

5. Why were obscure web forums already abuzz with chatter about the impact of this event on the gun control debate WITHIN A FEW HOURS?

6. The shooting brought out hundreds of police and a hundred FBI agents, yet the Aurora Police Chief summarily proclaimed "there is no evidence of a second shooter" - Oh, REALLY??

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