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BP buys 'oil spill' sponsored links for search engines

BP buys 'oil spill' sponsored links for search engines 07 Jun 2010 As daily clean-up costs to BP spiral to $37 million per day and its chief executive is vilified in the press, the company is trying to fight back - by buying search terms. So each time someone enters a relevant query - say "oil spill" - into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, their results also include a paid-for link from BP. Typically, these sponsored links sit above the genuine results. [WHY is this terrorist organization - BP - still *functioning?* Stuff Hayward and his cohorts into a CIA Gulfstream, ship them to Bush's Gitmo or Obama's Bagram, waterboard them with oily water, try and convict them for eco-crimes against humanity, divide their assets and be done with it. --LRP]