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BP's 'top kill' procedure fails to stop oil gusher

Notice the tarballs at BP waited until *Saturday night* to announce this (highly predictable) nugget: BP's 'top kill' procedure fails to stop oil gusher 29 May 2010 BP has failed in its latest attempt to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico with mud and cement, the company said Saturday. BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said the company determined the "top kill" method had failed after studying it for three days. The method involved pumping heavy drilling mud into a crippled well 5,000 feet underwater.


"Top Kill" sounds like a great name for something else entirely.

Since NO-rings were originally installed, the well bore's leaking at MULTIPLE blowouts and BP's merely stalling for time to finish the Gulf and East Coast for unrestricted drilling (after there's nothing left to save).