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Biologists release Gulf turtle hatchlings in Atlantic

Biologists release Gulf turtle hatchlings in Atlantic 04 Aug 2010 The ancient ritual takes place nightly along Florida's East Coast in the late summer. Tiny sea turtle hatchlings emerge from sandy nests to scramble to the sea, with females destined to return to the same beach several decades later to lay their own eggs. This year, those hatchlings are being joined by hundreds of hatchlings that began as eggs on beaches in the Florida Panhandle and Alabama... More than 13,000 eggs have been moved from 134 nests on the Gulf Coast, with thousands more expected to be moved through September. The "unprecedented effort" was planned to boost the turtles' chances of survival because biologists feared large numbers of hatchlings would be lost to the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.