Citizens for Legitimate Government, a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush Coup d'Etat and oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Education and Children

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Destroying the Separation of Church and State

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Education and Children


  • GOP Trying to Eliminate Overtime The nation's overtime pay law took another hit today as a House panel approved legislation that would let employers offer paid time off instead. Business groups, emboldened by complete Republican control of Congressa and federal executive branch, are pressing the Bush dictatorship to rewrite the labor law requiring employers to pay an hourly rate of time-and-a-half to some workers logging more than 40 hours a week.
  • Republican Urges Unpaid Cop, Firefighter Overtime Powerful Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens suggested yesterday that New York's cops and firefighters should work overtime without pay as a wartime sacrifice. [!?! Maybe Halliburton should actually *pay*some*taxes* as a 'wartime sacrifice'. The GOP consists of 'Economic Chickenhawks', as well! --Lori Price]

Health Care

Social Security and Medicare

Women's Issues

Consumer non-protection

  • Supreme Court Term Marked by Election Controversy Ends"The legacy of Bush v. Gore will be shaped in large part by the Court's ultimate response to these other challenges," Shapiro noted. "We will then have a better idea of whether the Court actually announced a constitutional principle in Bush v. Gore, or merely a result."

Civil Rights
  • FBI warns cities
  • Black Admissions Drop 30% at Berkeley
  • Security Concerns Threaten State's Open Records, Meetings Law, [CR], Palm Beach Post, 09/26/01 - -- Florida is under a state of emergency, legislators are considering closing committee meetings, and routine public records are being withheld in the name of a massive federal terrorism investigation. In the two weeks since suicide attacks killed thousands, civil libertarians are growing worried that Florida's ironclad Government-in-the-Sunshine Law -- the most open in the nation -- could become collateral damage.

  • Senate Democrat Proposes Alternative Antiterrorism Plan, [CR] New York Times, 09/20/01 <> The White Houseís proposed anti-terrorist legislative package faces opposition as Senator Patrick J. Leahy of VT, Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, takes a pragmatic approach to preserve civil liberties in the wake of the anti-terrorist frenzy; while GAís conservative Republican representative Bob Barr voices concerns about Internet surveillance.

  • New Powers Sought for Surveillance , (CR) Washington Post, 09/17/01 - In the wake of the attacks, proposals include ending the ban on political assassination, more power to conduct wiretaps, detain foreigners, track money-laundering cases, recruit and pay overseas agents linked to terrorist groups and human rights abuses, and create a counterterrorism czar inside the White House.

  • Protests are out and we will decide what you can investigate , (CR) Online Journal, 08/31/01 - The Bush administration has brought two concepts to the forefront of the nation's consciousness. One, you are no longer allowed to protest, and two, they will tell you what you can and cannot investigate.

  • Democracy's future depends on an informed public , (CR) Online Journal, 08/31/01 - Carla Binion uses two topics of importance to the sustenance of American democracy, unwarranted arrests and unauditable elections, as supports for the necessity of a truth-telling TV news network devoted to keeping democracy.

  • Decision to Skip U.N. Meeting Lamented, (CR) Washington Post, 08/28/01 - Powell will stay away from the World Conference Against Racism, which begins Friday, because of the administration's opposition to what it calls "offensive language" in a proposed final conference communique that would condemn Israel's treatment of Palestinians as racist.

  • Scarfo: Feds Plead for Secrecy , (CR) Lycos wired news, 08/27/01 - Should a mobster be set free because the government used a keyboard tap? (Like a wiretap, but on your keyboard.) Will this accused receive a fair trial - behind closed doors? When observers are barred from the courtroom? When documents are withheld from the defense attorneys? When the trial is moved to a location other than a courtroom? What's up with all this? If his rights are violated: will YOURS be next?

  • Global Economy's New Guardian D.C.'s Answer to IMF, World Bank Protests: Miles of Chain-Link , (CR) Washington Post, 08/30/01 - The fence will be nine feet tall. It will have a perimeter of 2 1/2 miles. It will enclose 220 downtown acres and block 27 streets, according to preliminary plans. Corralled will be: the White House, parts of Foggy Bottom and George Washington University, four apartment buildings, a church, dozens of stores, restaurants and offices.

  • The Pentagon And the Professor, (CR) Washington Post, 08/29/01 - Incredible governmental set-up of thoughtful scientific academian using his mind and skills to question the feasibility of the missile defense shield proposal.

  • STATEMENT, GEORGIA CONGRESSWOMAN CYNTHIA McKINNEY McKinney Lays Out the Facts on Reparations Now! The treatment of blacks in this country has historically been deplorable and while steps have been made to better the racial climate, nothing has been done to compensate those who have been wronged in the process. Bush does not want to talk about reparations because he opposes paying compensation to black Americans for slavery. That is what Ari Fleischer his spokesman, had the nerve to categorically state at a White House briefing. I hope that is a mischaracterization of President Bush's attitude, especially given the facts surrounding the November 2000 elections. Read more.
  • Ashcroft may reverse policy that protects journalists The case of a reporter jailed Friday for refusing to give her research to federal prosecutors has raised concerns that Attorney General John Ashcroft is reversing a policy that gives journalists wide latitude in protecting confidential sources and unpublished information Date: 07/27/01

  • British protesters claim Genoa police took brutal revenge for summit riots Battered, bruised and angry, four of the Britons arrested in Genoa during the anti-capitalist demonstrations arrived home yesterday claiming they had been beaten and tortured by baton-wielding Italian police. Date: 07/27/01

  • CPSC Choice Provokes ControversyConsumers Union of United States Inc. is scheduled to join a coalition in denouncing her nomination. July 24, 2001

  • Statement from DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe on the Bush Mexican Immigration Proposal The Bush Administration's apparent decision to back away from a proposal that would grant permanent legal status to millions of hard-working Mexican immigrants shows the Republican Party's true lack of compassion and sensitivity.

  • World Conference Against Racism Statement Hearing in the House Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Ranking Member july 31, 2001, So you see Madam Chair, Iπm more than a little suspicious that President Bush is disingenuous with respect to his opposition to racism and that in truth he really doesnπt care about it at all. And therefore no wonder he doesnπt see the need for this country to support the World Conference Against Racism.

  • Exporting corporate control A gold company with ties to the Bush family tries to muzzle a muckraking journalis By Joe Conason July 20, 2001

  • STATEMENT CONGRESSMAN JESSE JACKSON, JR. on Constitutional Amendments Conservatives have already introduced approximately 50 constitutional amendments in the 107th Congress. Conservatives introduced nearly 75 constitutional amendments in the 106th Congress. They organize their base around what they believe are their fundamental constitutional rights -- a balanced budget amendment; term limits; right to life; prohibition against flag desecration; voluntary school prayer; line-item veto; English as the official language; limiting the public debt; protecting the rights of crime victims; religious freedom; spending limitations; and the abolition of personal income, estate, and gift taxes. These are just some of what conservatives consider their fundamental rights and what they are trying to put in the Constitution. Date: 07/17/01

  • Hearing for two activists delayed Prosecutors want more time to decide whether to move ahead with charges against protesters arrested last month at a rally for President George W. Bush in Tampa, FL. Date: 07/17/01

  • Speaking Truth to Power! NAACP's Leader Julian Bond address to the 92nd National Convention is poignant, historical, humorousÖand politically pointed. Date: 07/08/01

  • June 20, 2001 What Vieques is About , Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    Surely we, as a civilized nation, need to rise above sacrificing the freedom and safety of innocent American citizens so that unnecessary war games can take place. It is now time for the Navy's bombing of Vieques to stop, so that the cleanup can begin and the people of Vieques can once again call this beautiful island "home."

    When a person of Ms. Jackson's stature and reputation can be so cavalierly mistreated and abused by our federal government, it should give us all pause. I'm concerned that ordinary citizens engaged in civil disobedience in Puerto Rico may be facing even more abusive treatment. As a result, even though Ms. Jackson will be released, I am calling for hearings on the way that U.S. citizens who haven't been convicted of a crime are being mistreated in our federal prisons. We will not let this issue die.

  • Conyers Demands that Ashcroft Release Jacqueline Jackson from Solitary Confinement "If a person of Ms. Jackson's stature and reputation can be so cavalierly mistreated and abused by our federal government, I'm concerned that ordinary citizens are facing even more abusive treatment. Whatever the resolution of Ms. Jackson's case, this may well necessitate hearings to shed further light on the problem of abusive treatment of persons charged with minor misdemeanor offenses."

  • Groups Fault Plan to Listen, Search and Seize, [CR] NY Times, 09/20/01 A coalition of 150 groups from across the political spectrum object to various proposed anti-terrorist powers including: broad new wiretapping authority; the power to deport immigrants suspected of terrorism without any court review of the evidence; use information collected by foreign governments against American citizens including information obtained by techniques that would have violated the Fourth Amendment's prohibition against illegal searches and seizures; authority for the government to seize evidence from terrorism suspects, including DNA samples; to seize the assets of foreign governments suspected of aiding terrorists; and to gain wider access to educational records and tax returns, and more.
Packing the Courts
  • Moon ShadowWith Help From Congressional Republicans And The Bush 'Faith-Based' Initiative, Controversial Korean Evangelist Sun Myung Moon Is Trying To Expand His Religious-Political Empire, June 2001

Destroying the Separation of Church and State
Election and Campaign Fraud



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