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Bush 'lie bury' event brings 5 presidents to Dallas

Bush 'lie bury' event brings 5 presidents to Dallas --Unelected dictator to open big storage area for 'The Pet Goat,' the only book the sociopath's likely ever read --Bush library event brings 5 presidents to Dallas 24 Apr 2013 The nation's five surviving presidents will gather Thursday for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential [sic and sick] Center, a much-anticipated event expected to draw around 10,000 people to Southern Methodist University amid tight security from local and federal law enforcement. The invitation-only ceremony was expected to include speeches by Bush, President Barack Obama and former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, Bush's father.


An honorable DESPOTUS among 'em!

Very revealing -- let the Jimmy Carters, Barack Obamas, and Bill Clintons of the world show their true colors, leaving it obvious how "progressive" they really are.

Also interesting that the George Bush Library is in Dallas, where Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy in which Bush, Sr. appears to have been a prominent figure. I think the attendance of Carter, Obama, and Clinton is a demonstration of the continuing influence of Father Bush, whose foreign policy Obama said he "greatly sympathized with."

Bush was made an honorary Knight of Malta and met with the Grand Master of the Knights in the White House. This shows how close he is to the higher echelons of power.