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David Petraeus resigns as CIA director

David Petraeus resigns as CIA director 09 Nov 2012 CIA Director David H. Petraeus has resigned, bringing a surprisingly abrupt end to his brief tenure at the agency as well as his decorated career in national security. Petraeus sent a letter to President Obama on Friday indicating that he was stepping down, citing an extramarital affair... Michael J. Morell, who served as Petraeus's deputy at the CIA, is serving as interim director, officials said.


Patreus was supposed to testify in 5 days about what happened at that CIA compound in Benghazi that is rumored to be moving weapons from Libya that they gave the rebels there to the CIA funded rebels in Syria. Now he won't be.

Claiming an "affair", yeah right.

General BetrayUs is the fraud who led an illegal occupation for the Great Satan, overseeing unprovoked aggression by the world's boggest superpower. Imperialism is evil. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

The bastion of the West and so called caretaker of the freedom of the West died in Dallas in 1963 when the last true President of the US was ceremonially exceuted by the real rulers of the world the people who live in shadows and use the figurehead US president as their puppet. There is an agenda that clearly most countries in the world see and yet the Americans being too close to the trees cannot see the forest. ANy person or body who speaks out in truth is shot down or discredited and or in so many cases 'suicided'. The writing was on the wall when it became clear Petraeus stated what he encountered and challened the status quo. The US no longer is the land of the brave nor the home of the free and the time draws close for the introduction of martial law in full view of Americans when it is too late.